Best AAYFF film 2018 and Best 13-15 Age Group Winner



By Ewan Windebank Rosaryhill Secondary School, Hong Kong

The Recital is a short film about a 'tiger mum', with Hong Kong as a background. The story follows the daughter of the tiger mum and has a peek into her school life and the damage it has caused, but thanks to a wary classmate, this all soon changes.

Best Director and Audience Award Winner


By Giang Nguyen. United Nations International School (UNIS) Hanoi

“Nhân” tells the story of Nam, a successful Vietnamese entrepreneur, who is troubled by his childhood memories as an orphan. In order to fulfill his past, he decides to save a child out of a similar helpless situation. The short film explores many themes in modern day Vietnam, of survival, broken family structures, mistreatment of children, and hope. P

Best 10 -12 Age Group Winner


By Jack Cook Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

Get of your phone and reconnect with the people around you, be balanced and enjoy life.

Best 16-18 Age Group Winner


By Ben Wishart  King George V School, Hong Kong

Hooked is an artistic effort to portray a particular, and perhaps more unusual, slice of life in Hong Kong through the experiences of an individual, Lai, a fisherman.

Best 16-18 Age Group Winner and Best Animation


By Mirza Jaafar, Amanda Chee, Soh Fia and Azman Salim. LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

Ofelia, has aspirations of being an aerial hoop artist since young. However, an accident will threaten to destroy her budding career and all that she has worked for her entire life. Will she be able to overcome this giant obstacle in pursuit of her dreams?

Best Documentary Winner


By Tony Huang, Austin Kwok, Ian Walker and Sean Bai. International School of Beijing, China

A disabled masseuse with a dream, searches for opportunity and hope. Through ups and downs.

Best Experimental, Best Sound and Best Editing Winner



By Miku Suga. Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok

'Ostinato' is a short experimental film that explores how sounds associated with our daily rituals can be brought together through repetition to convey the hidden music in our everyday lives.

Best Drama and Best Special Effects Winner


By Patrick Hayes. Dover Court, Singapore

War Photographer, based on the poem by Carol Ann Duffy, a Scottish poet and playwright, is about a war photographer who arrives back from the battlefields of Vietnam, to the calmness of his darkroom. Carol Ann Duffy casts a harsh light on the destruction and bloodshed which results from war and how apathetic and uncaring the rest of the world, who is not directly affected by it, is.

Best Music Video Winner



By Ryan Chow, Darren Tang and Zildjian Boon. Canadian International School, Singapore.

Bruce Yee. Little is known about his origins or the reasons for his depressing state. All that's known is he has a knack for making statements from time to time. This time it is in the form of a swimming race.

Best Horror Winner


By Madi Hollingworth and Arushi Kumar-Desai. Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

A girl goes to the library to study but encounters some unexpected events

Best Short Short Winner


By Vincent Lin and Alex Liang. International Bilingual School at Hsinchu-Science-Park, Taiwan

A former track and field athlete deals with his trauma from a car accident by avoiding his reality.

Best Cinematography Winner

dear you

By Mathilda Khoo. IGB International School, Malaysia

A self-reflection letter written to myself.