Best AAYFF film 2019, Best 16-18 Age Group and Best Cinematography Winner



By Tony Huang and Ethan Zhang, International School of Beijing, China.

A son discovers his father's childhood dream.

Best Director and Best Editing Winner


By George Slater, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

When all competent Agents aren't available for a mission that may decide the fate of the world, Michael Peters (Agent 101) is given the chance to redeem himself in this comedy action adventure.

Best 9 -12 Age Group Winner


By Gabriela Badelon, Samar Rao, Ryan Seto and Olivia Thacker, Dulwich College, Singapore.

The sign on the computer says: "Don't press X". A group of children find out what happens when they do.

Best 13-15 Age and Best Music Video Winner


By Samuel Salesas, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

A music video where an orange Lego man struggles to fit into a yellow Lego world. He has channeled his feelings into the mind of my sister, and she has expressed them in song form.

Best Documentary Winner


By Kevia Tan, Anglo Chinese School, Singapore

A two-dimensional character - a cleaner, lacking depth; the missing dimension, where did it go? "Overlooked" is a compellingly raw, unscripted, and down-to-earth documentary of a janitor in a school, portraying a side we don't often hear, a section we overlooked.

Best Experimental Winner


By Mathilda Khoo, IGB International School, Malaysia

Time is universal but how we define time can be so vague. This video explores the spectrum of time and how its definition cannot be confined by others, but only yourself.

Best Special Effects Winner

The Clutches of the Curtain

By Patrick Hayes. Dover Court International School, Singapore

"The Clutches of the Curtain" documents the story of a successful East German film director, as he grows increasingly tired of the censorship and control of the Soviet Union. Because of this, he feels the only option left open to him is to escape East Berlin.

Best Drama Winner


Roark Payne, Canadian International School of Hong Kong

An imaginative teenage boy battles a combination of desperation and isolation. Dejected and lost, he finds himself living a vagabond lifestyle. He soon encounters a girl he has never met before who treats him how he wishes he could be treated - blurring his conception of reality.

Best Horror and Best Sound Winner


Erin Law, King George V School, Hong Kong

Premonition is a horror short revolving around a teen girl with the uncanny ability to see a few seconds into the future.

Best Animation and Audience Award Winner


By Pera Kasemsripitak, NIST International School, Thailand

In 'Disappearance', Tom Stiebel, played by Stanley Holewa, finds that his model Millennium Falcon has gone missing. He calls his mom for help, but little did he know that a group of LEGO figures flew away on a mission to defeat a Villain.