Film at Tanglin Trust School

Year 6 students film the opening of Macbeth in the unit 'Shakespeare on Film'.

Tanglin Trust School is a great place to study film! Students are introduced to filmmaking as early as the Junior School, where they are given the opportunity to make short films whilst exploring production roles. They learn how compose shots, record sound and to edit in iMovie by selecting best takes, adding titles, music and sound effects. By the end of Juniors the students have been introduced to film grammar and have a growing awareness of how to use industry standard production methods.


In Film and Media Technology in the Senior School, students learn how to read audio-visual media and to produce their own. We believe that a high level of audio-visual literacy is an essential and marketable skill and central to our educational approach to the teaching of film and media is the notion that creative thinkers and dynamic communicators should be able to decode the social and cultural messages and values which are embedded in all moving image texts.

Senior School film students editing in Final Cut Pro

Film Studies and Media Studies are creative subjects that are reliant upon technology and we encourage our students to explore and utilise the wealth of media creation tools available to them. The school has fantastically resourced film studio spaces where students can plan and film their practical assignments. The teaching areas in the newly opened Nixon Building are equipped with a full complement of iMac computers each loaded with a range of software packages that include: Final Cut Pro X for video editing, Cinema 4D for 3D animation, Adobe After Effects for compositing and motion graphics, and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for graphic design. The school library has over 500 DVDs and a comprehensive collection of film books.  New state of the art post-production facilities include a sound design room, a colour grading suite and a forty-seat screening room.

Senior Film green screen suite

Senior Film green screen suite

Tanglin Trust School believes that filmmaking is a collaborative process that promotes independent learning, a spirit of creative freedom and the development of the skills necessary to solve logistical problems. Film Studies is taught at GCSE, A Level and IB with many of the students choosing to study film at university. There are also numerous curriculum enrichment opportunities available to help students develop their practical production skills.

Tanglin Trust School is proud to host the Across Asia Youth Film Festival!

Junior School students as young as eight learn about film production.

Junior School students as young as eight learn about film production.






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