Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a film?

Once submissions are open from the Jan 1 2018 head to the submission form here but make sure you have the necessary permission.

When and where does the festival take place?

The AAYFF 2018 will happen over two days in May 2018. The Industry Experience day of the 3 May will be followed by the Gala screening event is on Friday May 4 2018 hosted by Tanglin Trust School, Singapore. All shortlisted filmmakers will be invited to attended bespoke workshops on the Industry Experience day.

What is the final deadline for entry?

The entry form and film must be received by Friday 23 March 2018 however submitting earlier is recommended.

What length of film may be submitted?

Age 10-12 age group category: no longer 3 minutes.  Age 13 - 15: no longer than 5 minutes. 16 - 18 age group: no longer than 7 minutes. 19 - 21 Age group: no longer than  7 minutes. 

*timings include credits.

Can I submit more than one film?

Yes, but films must be entered individually.

Will I receive any prize for winning an award at the AAYFF Festival?

Yes, winners in each category will a cash prize. All shortlisted filmmakers will be invited to the Industry Experience day hosted by our partners HBO, Disney and Mediacorp.

If my film is selected, should I attend the festival?

Definitely! You should begin thinking about plans to attend the festival as soon as you submit your film! Shortlisted filmmakers will have an opportunity to attend a day of workshops and activities the day before the screening.

How will I be contacted if my film is selected for the Festival screening?

If the AAYFF Festival selection committee select your film, you will be contacted through email.

How many films are being nominated in each category?

The AAYFF will nominate up to eight* films for each age category, which will be judged on the evening of the screening by a panel of leading industry professionals. 

*This may vary based during the programming of the event

What is AAYFF’s policy on copyrighted music being used in submitted videos?

If your film is shortlisted, a Submission Release Form must be completed before your film can be screened. AAYFF will exclude from consideration submissions that contain licensed music without permission.

Are collaborative projects allowed for submission?

Yes, collaborative projects are allowed for submission.

What category should I submit music videos to?

All music videos should be submitted to the music video category.

Will AAYFF exclude my film from consideration if it contains profanity and/or other explicit material?

Yes, AAYFF will accept submissions for consideration that contain explicit material. Inclusion of this material will not influence the selection process of AAYFF. See the British Board of Film Classification for guidelines

Do I need to translate my film?

No, AAYFF will accept submissions in any language, but subtitles in English would be appreciated if the film is in another language.

What is the Festival’s definition of Asia?

The Festival refers to the definition of Asia accepted by the United Nations, which includes Central Asia, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, Southeast Asia and Western Asia.