Tanglin Trust student takes on AAYFF design for final IB Visual Art project

Julius Villar, a Year 13 IB Diploma student made the most of Tanglin Trust School hosting the 2nd edition of the AAYFF by using the festival and its values to inform his process portfolio work and exhibition. His final work is currently being exhibited with the accompanying artist's statement.

AAYFF (Series)

Silk-screen print and digital

AAYFF is a design made to promote the Across Asia Youth Film Festival, and the underlying themes of wonder and imagination, predominant in youth. The interconnecting lines represent both the concept of international coexistence across Asia, and local Singaporean culture, as a representation of the local MRT network. Bold primary and secondary colours are used practically, to capture a viewer's attention, as well as symbolically, to capture the essence of a lively, colourful youth.

JV March, 2018