Dinsey - Tom Batchelor

Meet the Jury Part 3!

AAYFF_2017_TomWatson GM_Disney_SEA.jpg

The final member of the jury for our screening event is Tom Batchelor, GM - Disney Studios, Southeast Asia.

Tom has spent the past 15 years working in the film industry, firstly spending a couple of years in production before moving over into film distribution. After 9 successful years at Warner Bros in the UK – where he was lucky enough to distribute over 200 films including 5 HARRY POTTER titles and all 3 DARK KNIGHT movies – Tom became Head of Distribution for Walt Disney Studios in the UK and Ireland in early 2013. Since then he’s worked on all of the company’s largest franchises, overseeing the release of 8 Marvel titles, several Pixar and Disney Animation Studios films including BIG HERO SIX, FROZEN and FINDING DORY and last year’s successful THE JUNGLE BOOK and was memorably part of the team that saw STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS become the biggest film of all time in the UK. In November 2016 he relocated from London to Singapore to become Disney’s General Manager of Studios for South East Asia. He is married with 2 children.