Freddie Yeo of Infinite Studios


Freddie Yeo, COO of the incredible Infinite Studios, Singapore popped into Tanglin last week. He had lots of support and ideas for the forthcoming film festival and offered these words of encouragement for all students…

“Whilst technology is important, we also can’t be slaves to it. It’s the combination, with our own human experience and individual stories that will make our storytelling unique. That will ultimately inspire and differentiate us as filmmakers”.
— Freddie Yeo, COO, Infinite Studios, Singapore

He was particularly impressed that the AAYFF festival is aimed at students from 10 years old and he’d encourage young students from all across Singapore and the region to start film making – no matter how old!


Infinite Studios is an integrated Media Entertainment and Creative Services company with the vision to become one of Asia's leading producer of Film, TV and Digital Media content for a global audience.