Introducing Ellie and Carl, AAYFF Student communications

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My name is Ellie and I am the Head Student Communications Manager for the Across Asia Youth Film Festival 2018. Along with my assistant Carl, we are in charge of managing the ‘aayfilmfest’ Instagram account and we would love to showcase the production process of you making your films.

We're looking for behind the scenes photos or clips to share with our followers! If you already have an Instagram account please follow the AAYFF on@AAYFilmFest and tag your pics/clips with #AAYFF2018 OR If you send a clip/photo to with the name of your film and shooting location we can post for you!

For a little background information, I joined the AAYFF team last year and led the Social Media Campaign. I created the Instagram account and posted photos and footage from the actual event throughout the night as well as interviewed filmmakers. I really enjoyed being a part of the event last year as it was great to see different students across Asia coming together to celebrate the creativity of avid, youthful storytellers. When I heard that the event was happening again this year, I was very eager to be a part of the organisational process again and I have been lucky enough to have been given this higher role in this event. I currently do A-Level Media Studies and will be posting lots of photos of our production process for our coursework to show you guys our behind the scenes perspective!

We really look forward to seeing the films that you produce (for those of who are shortlisted) and we really hope that you keep in contact with us leading up to the event because we would love to see some behind the scene clips of what you are filming.

Hope to see you all on May the 4th!
Best wishes,

Ellie and Carl

Across Asia Film Festival 2018

David Procter

Director of the Across Asia Youth Film Festival, photographer, filmmaker and educator.